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Alan has worked in broadcast audio and video as a re-recording engineer and video editor all of his professional life. Recording hundreds of professional narrators, some "A" list Hollywood voice talent and as a final mix engineer for tv commercials and documentaries.

In 2011 he realized his hearing was in decline because he was  saying "excuse me what did you say?" far too often. He's been wearing hearing aids since then and was immediately astounded by how difficult it was to understand speech in noisy public venues larger than a small living room.


Hearing aid technology is fantastic today but room acoustics and the microphones in hearing aids pick up and amplify all the ambient room noise and reverberation. So in 2018 he joined the Loop Lane County Committee at the Shedd Institute in Eugene, whose goal is to advocate and educate for the use of hearing loops.

Alan's life-long career in broadcast professional audio and his recent hearing disability, he realized is an ideal combination for his second career which is the installation of hearing loops.

He has received extensive training in hearing loop installation by Contacta USA and Dave Scroggins of DRS Sound, regarded as one of the top hearing loop installers in North America.

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